LJ 4831 B4-5637 found!

A Bournemouth car, registered around the end of December 1931 from registration data.  The photos are from the original owner’s family. Good to see the tinted photograph confirming original paintwork colour. This car is now black and was thought to … Continue reading LJ 4831 B4-5637 found!

DZ de Ferranti ‘new production Ulster’

Canning Brown lists Southport 11th January 1930 with de Ferranti from Baslow, Sheffield in a ‘new production Austin Ulster’. He comes 3rd in the 20 mile handicap. Not referenced so we don’t know exactly where this comes from. On 31st Jan 1931 at the Winter Sand Race meeting, he sweeps the board in his supercharged Ulster, winning four out of five races. (her quotes again) This image is in the Grey Mag 2008D from 31st Jan 1931. Is it potentially the same car, as the plate, if GU, would have been registered in mid 1929. BU would be Oldham, late … Continue reading DZ de Ferranti ‘new production Ulster’

George Hartwell (?Jnr.) TT and EA cars

Built N/A Sent N/A Registered N/A Pictured 28th February 1931, Ewelme Intervarsity Hill Climb Hartwell is at Brighton in September 1932 with a road-registered car which appears to be an EA, but the photo hints at a central external filler which cannot be? Bournemouth LJ – and 4 digits. Austin Harris site has it down as LJ 4831, presumably from a better image. If so, then we know the original car’s owner, primrose colour – and the same car’s existence now in Japan. The wheel spinners are the same on other photos. Could either of these have been borrowed cars? … Continue reading George Hartwell (?Jnr.) TT and EA cars

The Sumner car

GH 1989 was initially registered in 1930, then untaxed for several years whilst it was solely used in competition. Its first owner was Gerald Sumner who, with brother Bobby (Robert), campaigned various cars in the ‘thirties. It could well have changed hands … Continue reading The Sumner car

The Bowerbank car

Bridget Bowerbank (1914-2009) was 34 when her ownership of this remarkably original B1- car is first indicated from a 1948 logbook. It is still in the same family ownership from 1962 after Bridget sold it:   My uncle and an … Continue reading The Bowerbank car

VT 5383 DV 9602 unsupercharged

Bonhams at Goodwood 2013 sale here, notes: ‘One of four bought by the current owner and the late Peter Moore in the early 1960s, their plan being to create two virtually identical racers: one supercharged, the other normally aspirated (see documentation on file). The duo already possessed considerable experience in the field, both having raced a Seven Ulster (‘DV 9602’) in Formula 750 events in the early 1950s. The two racers were completed in 1964 and the un-blown car (that offered here, previously registered ‘VT 5384’) was given the registration ‘DV 9602’, which had been retained when the original Seven racer was … Continue reading VT 5383 DV 9602 unsupercharged

Issigonis supercharged car and GH 1645

Recorded as being supercharged and raced from 1930. He first appears in race results in 1929 in an Austin (Members’ Day JCC High Speed Trial, Brooklands 6th July 1929) but presumably that may not be this one. Are there any records of his registration plate? This a ?later car built up on a long wheelbase chassis. GH 1645 would have been perhaps registered July/August 1930 in London so perhaps it IS the remains of the earlier car above? One blown B1- series chassis registered late May 1930 is presently registered GH 1989. The GH series was issued July-September so this … Continue reading Issigonis supercharged car and GH 1645

Leslie Seyd Austin Seven #4: 1934 Alpine Trial plans

“My first thoughts were towards another blown Austin Seven for the “Alpine,” as a supercharged car seemed to have a great advantage on the passes, and having seen an advertisement for one, “partially dismantled,” I duly paid a visit to a small North London garage and towed away a chassis and various bits of engine, etc. These were removed to Bachelier’s garage at Wimbledon, where I proceeded in my leisure hours in the evening to rebuild the Austin from stem to stern. A special built-up crankshaft was made by Laystalls at a cost of £18, and every part was machined … Continue reading Leslie Seyd Austin Seven #4: 1934 Alpine Trial plans

GH 23

A magazine article on a 1930 car, originally black with red wings and trim, with a good early history. Rabin’s name is very close to TB Raban who emerges elsewhere with various trophies connected to the supercharged EA with registration VE 4492. However it is documented Rabin was a fitter in a Bromley garage, so the connection can be discounted. Photos of GH23 at 1931 Brooklands here and here from JCC Members’ Day (Austin Harris/LAT archive). Does any have knowledge/images of the period between 1931 and 1942 when the car may have been in its original colour but with cycle wings as … Continue reading GH 23

1928 Super Sports Engine

notes/observations: magazine images thanks to Chris Gould. Ref: Cars & Motorcycles Edited by Lord Montagu C.S.I  K.C.I.E  and Marcus W Bourdon. It was issued as a magazine in 26 fortnightly parts and could then be bound in volumes. There was no valve spring cover on the supercharged engines, but there are some 2 BA screw holes which hold a plate over the lower part of the aperture. Some go further up than shown in the picture. I think it may have been that it is impossible to check the valve clearances with a cover fitted as it is very difficult/impossible to remove with … Continue reading 1928 Super Sports Engine

AGH 709 or RB 2219

David Baldock’s second ‘Ulster’ was a re-registered car AGH 709, unblown, bought for £125 from “ Fleming, a VSCC type in Sevenoaks” and towed home in about 1965. He subequently sold it to someone in Southend for £165 (and I think towed it there behind an MGB…) He would like to be in touch with the present owner, if it is still around? This may now be back on an original plate RB 2219. Continue reading AGH 709 or RB 2219

Holland Birkett, 1950 Motorsport: A Special Builders’ Angle

OC 9262 pictured was registered Feb or March 1934, so presumably could be a Special. If GC 9262, it would have been registered February 1930 and perhaps original. Any more information on this car pictured? “From 1929 to 1932 the “Ulster” was produced, in supercharged form, some of which were T.T. Replicas, and also in unblown form. The chassis was lowered about 4 in. by fitting flat springs and a longer torque anchor at the back (like a Ruby) and by bowing the front, axle beam downwards about 2½ in. in the centre to give clearance for a stiff spring … Continue reading Holland Birkett, 1950 Motorsport: A Special Builders’ Angle

Bruce McLaren’s Seven

Russell Topham’s DA7C article here, but what WAS the EA Sports it was created from? “Quite a number of people have enjoyed being part of this research at McLaren but unfortunately it appears there is no record of the chassis number of Bruce’s old car. Apparently after it was sold by the McLaren family, it was involved in a serious accident and our researchers assume that the chassis was damaged and the number removed as part of the rebuild. I’m really sorry we can’t be of much more help on this one, but we wish you all the best with your … Continue reading Bruce McLaren’s Seven